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If you cannot give your dog the proper amount of exercise and socialization, bring your dog to the Lucky Dog Barks and Recreation! We open early and close late, so your dog can play for hours with his canine friends. Your dog will play in a group that best fits your dog's personality and size. You can determine a schedule that best suits your dog's needs - a couple days a week, a couple days a month, or just "as needed". One thing is for sure - at the end of the day, each dog goes home tired and happy. A tired dog is a good dog!

It's Spa Time!  Take a Bath and Get Your Nails Done

two dalmatians snuggling

Play All Day at Lucky Dog Barks & Recreation Daycare

Have a Sleepover with Your Doggy Friends

Vacation? Business Trip? House guests? Bring your dog to Lucky Dog for an overnight stay! Overnight dogs run in the play yards during the day and go to their cabins only at meal time and bedtime. Siblings can share an oversized cabin to make it more like home. Evening treats at bedtime are always included in your dog's stay. Play all day long, private bunks, and plenty of canine and human contact help your pup sleep soundly at Lucky Dog.  

During COVID, you may only bring your dog's food, treat, medications, 1 blanket/bed, and 1 toy.  

Why Come to Lucky Dog?

Eliminate Dog Loneliness - The dog daycare industry is growing. It's hard to leave your dog at home alone every day while you are at work or play. A dog is likely to be seen as a member of your family. We like to think of your dog having fun rather than sitting in a crate or tearing up the house while you are gone, and while you love your dog, you also like the occasional "night off" from playing ball or going for a mile-long walk.
You Can Relax - It can be frustrating at times to come home after a long day only to find your dog hyper and ready to romp and play for an hour when all you want to do is kick off your shoes and relax. Occasional trips to Lucky Dog may mean a night or two of rest and relaxation with a dog that is more apt to snuggle than drop a ball at your feet every ten seconds. Others are using daycare as a way to feel better about working all day and having the occasional night out.   It is true that a tired dog is a good dog.
A Better Behaved Dog - Having a well-behaved dog at home isn't the only reason people are choosing dog daycare. As training classes and "puppy play times" at local pet stores become more popular, the idea of a well-socialized dog has taken hold as well. It's a wonderful thing to take your dog for a walk and not have to worry about how he will behave when you pass another dog along your route. Having a dog that is happy to meet new people and dogs makes going for walks and having company in your home much more enjoyable! Dogs are social animals by nature and, when socialized, enjoy the company of other dogs. Taking Fido to daycare can help him stay well-socialized. Socialization to dogs is like foreign language to us - if it isn't practiced it will be forgotten.

In spite of all of the benefits of daycare, it isn't right for every dog. In addition, not every daycare is the same. If you are looking for daycare for your pup, take the time to visit a few facilities near you, take tours, and ask questions. Make sure you are comfortable with all policies and procedures before leaving your dog at any facility.​  The staff here at Lucky Dog Barks and Recreation will be happy to answer any question you have and tell you more about our facility and services.

Want your pup to come home clean and fluffy after a long day of playing or an overnight stay? 

We have additional services for baths, nail trims, ear cleaning, anal glands, and brush out.

Lucky Dog Barks & Recreation