Congrats to Peanut!!!

Meet Peanut, our Lucky Dog of the Month for February!

Peanut is an 11.5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who has been a regular for overnight boarding for over 10 years!

We have been lucky enough to watch this delightful boy grow and mature over the years. Peanut is a very sweet boy who has pretty much never caused any trouble.

He prefers to watch from the sidelines as the young dogs play. His rowdy days are behind him. Peanut's favorite thing to do is dine and serenade the counselors. When boarding, Peanut enjoys taking naps in his bunk where he curls up on his favorite fleece blanket and then sings a bedtime song.

Peanut's biggest quirk is he LOVES to take his daily medication - one of the few dogs who bounces around for it and gobbles it right out of our hands. 

Congrats to this super sweet boy on earning Lucky Dog of the Month! We're lucky to have Peanut as our Valentine!



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Lucky Dogs of the Month

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Thank you Lucky Dog clients for your donations over the holidays to Randy's Rescue Ranch! It's going to take them awhile to rebuild and replenish after the fire. So, we will continue to support them by giving them our holiday picture money starting in February with the Sweetheart Pics. Also, we have implemented a tipping system at Bark Park and Randy's will receive 50% of all tips collected.

Thank you!!! 

Sweetheart Pics

Tues Feb. 11th

10am to 1pm

$5 - proceeds benefit Randy's Rescue Ranch