Lucky Dogs of the Month - Boomer & Libby

Meet Boomer and Libby – our Lucky Dogs for May! Libby is a 7 ½ year old Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel mix who has been a regular daycamper with occasional boarding for almost 7 years. Boomer, a 6-year-old beagle, joined Libby in the fun at the Bark Park a little more than a year ago. Libby is a sweet girl who loves to just hang out, watch her buddies play, and get some pets from the counselors. She does have some favorites though and will give us really high pitched squeaky whines as she wiggles her tail like crazy when she wants attention. Libby sometimes finds a buddy to play with, but she tends to just explore and follow everybody around. That changed a little bit when Boomer came along – she had her buddy from home here as backup and sometimes you’ll see the two of them playing with other friends as a group. Libby also loves to boss Boomer around! Boomer enjoys exploring with his friends and having barking contests – though he’s a beagle, he’s got a pretty quiet bark, but it definitely has the persistency seen in the breed so his endurance keeps him in the game! Congrats to Libby and Boomer on earning their titles of Lucky Dogs of the Month! 

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