Congrats to Winnie!!!

Say hello to Winnie, the Lucky Dog for March! Winnie has been coming to Bark Park for half days almost every week day for over two years!

She gets so excited every time she comes in, wiggling her butt and slapping you with her paws until she gets the attention she deserves.

Winnie has a strict routine at doggy daycare. She knows when it's treat time and when it's almost time to go home. During these times, she will sit patiently in the center of the yard and wait for her turn to be called.  She is never pushy, but if you don't watch out, she might take a finger with the treat when you give it to her!

Winnie also loves the summertime when she gets to roll around on the turf and jump in the pools. Winnie is a fun-loving, happy dog who loves to please and loves attention (and we are happy to give it to her)! 

Congratulations to our wonderful Winnie for being Lucky Dog of the Month!!



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