Lucky Dogs of the Month

Congrats to Rocky, Rowdy, & Megan!!!!

This family of dogs have been coming since way back in 2008! Rocky, a 12 year-old chihuahua, loves to be hugged by the counselors.  When he is not being hugged,   he spends most of his time snuggling up to one of his siblings and giving them lots of kisses!  Rowdy, a    10 year-old beagle mix, enjoys nothing more than flopping onto his back with his belly up and getting tummy rubs.  Rowdy even sleeps on his back sometimes.  Megan, an 11 year-old beagle mix, spends lots of time sitting next to the counselors, patiently awaiting pets.  She always   comforts her siblings and loves cuddling with them all the time. Megan also always knows when its dinner time, and she will make sure you know too!  Congratulations to these    senior pups for earning there long overdue Lucky Dog Title!


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